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Three Questions with Joshua Putney

Joshua Putney, 27, is the singer/guitarist for Diamonds for Eyes, which plays its final show at 9 p.m. Saturday at The Des Moines Social Club's Basement, 901 Cherry St.

Q: Why is Diamonds for Eyes coming to an end?

Our drummer moved to Fairfield and it just made it difficult to really play the shows. The lineup we're finishing with is the lineup that was pretty much set in stone as being the final lineup for Diamonds for Eyes. We basically decided not to play the specific songs off this final album anymore. I'll play them solo, but for a full band show they require this group.

Q: What comes next?

I want to do something with a similar lyrical style of Diamonds for Eyes, but with a different sound. That's how the new band, Black Pills, came about. The band is kind of continuing on in a way. It will be me and Kristen (Putney, bass), along with Tony Leo and Matthew Dake, but with an entirely new set of songs.

Q: What do you have planned for this final show?

We're going to have as many of the players that have ever played on any of the records play with us at the show; it's been a long list of people that have been involved with the band over a four year span. We've never had the same lineup for one of our albums yet. Nova Labs is releasing a three disc set of our three albums. So the final Diamonds for Eyes show is also a release show.