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The Nadas won Facebook with viral Rolling Stone cover

While the magazine's current influence is debatable these days, a band landing on the cover of Rolling Stone is still a big deal. Shel Silverstein even wrote a song about it. For April Fools Day local band The Nadas decided to throw together a mock-up image of the band on the coveted cover which ended up drawing a lot of eyes on Facebook.

Between two posts The Nadas Rolling Stone cover has gotten 2,635 likes, 365 shares has reached more than 100,000 people.

"I was totally blown away by how many people liked it," singer/guitarist Jason Walsmith said. "When we normally post something we might get two or three shares and we only have 13,000 people who like our page, so that total reach of views comes from a lot of people sharing."

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Walsmith said he wanted something tongue-in-check and "far-fetched and unbelievable," but some posters initially thought it was the real deal.

"It's a really recognizable milestone and I think so many fans have been pulling for us for a long time and would like to see us have some success," Walsmith said.

Walsmith said The Nadas are nearing completion of a greatest hits album. Tickets went on sale today for the band's June 5 Nitefall on the River show.