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Meet the band: Nevada Nevada

See them: 5 p.m. Sunday at Vaudeville Mews, 212 Fourth St. and 9 p.m. Monday at DG's Tap House, 125 Main St., Ames.

Outside of Iowa, people usually pronounce Nevada Nevada's name the way you would our 36th state, but frontwoman Kathryn Musilek is from Nevada, Ia., and the first Nevada is pronounced like her hometown, NeVAYda.

"People pronounce it wrong mostly all the time, but I feel like they're totally allowed because we're the (jerks) that named our band that," Musilek said. "I understand that it's problematic, but when you say it right it kind of rhymes with "PoTAYto PoTAHto. But people can always pronounce it however they want."

Musilek was living in Brooklyn (New York, not Iowa) and after a long break she started playing music again. She started to put together a band that includes fellow Iowan and Poison Control Center drummer David Olson on drums, as well as non-Iowans Andrew Gerhan and Daniel Baer.

The group hopes to have a full-length album ready for release in the fall. Until then the band is doing a mini Iowa tour in support of a single, "Anger Tango."

"We're going to start out releasing singles, making a song and putting it out, the 50's route," Musilek said. "We have a lot of songs in different stages of progress. We take them as they come."