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Three questions with Grant Ganzer

Grant Ganzer performs at 6:30 p.m. Friday at Wooly’s, 504 E. Locust St.

Q: What lessons did you learn from your time on “The Voice”?

A lot of the lessons I learned were from the other artists on the show; lessons about songwriting and being introspective in the way you write your own songs. I also learned a lot about the way you treat other artists. I’ve seen in some acting auditions and things like that where people only see each other as competition. On “The Voice” I got a good experience of how artists can work together even when they’re in competition with each other. It was awesome, how much of a family we built there.

Q: What was your experience at South by Southwest like?

I really enjoyed being able to sing all this new music and being exposed to such a creative environment. I felt really honored to be recognized as not only an up and coming musician in Des Moines, but being on the same level as the other artists I shared that stage with. A lot of the bands I was listening to and being inspired by before SXSW. In particular, the Maytags are one of my favorite soul bands in Des Moines, it was awesome to be recognized with them.

Q: After this show, what do you have coming up?

I’ve written my EP and we’re in the process of recording it at The Sonic Factory. I put my band together and put each piece into those songs in preparation for this show at Wooly’s. I’ve been kind of preparing those songs along with some covers. As soon as the show is finished we’ll get into the studio and lay down tracks for that EP.