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'Thrash metal Def Leppard,' Green Death, releases second album

The Des Moines death metal band Green Death releases its second album, "Manufacturing Evil," this week. You'll be able to buy copies online in the usual places like iTunes, Amazon or CD Baby or locally at ZZZ Records and The Underground Rock Shop.

But if you want to buy one at a CD release show, you've got a bit of a wait. That's scheduled for May 29 at Wooly's.

"We wanted to have enough time between when the the album actually came out so fans could learn the songs and be accustomed to them before the CD release show," singer Sol Bales said. "We also didn't know exactly when it would come out, so we wanted to space things out so we had enough time to get everything set on digital. Trying to line it up for the week of a show is almost impossible."

The band's 2013 debut, "The Deathening," was culled from previously released EPs. For Because of that, the album felt fragmented at times. For "Manufacturing Evil" the band did all the songs in one go, creating a more cohesive album.

Bales and guitarist Erich Tran started playing together in the late 90's in a band called W.A.D., then in 2001 started playing together in the thrash metal band Only with guitarist Mark "Sparky" Reinking. By 2012 the band's sound had evolved to incorporate more death metal and horror elements. After splitting with their original bassist, the trio refocused as Green Death, eventually adding bassist Parker Willis and drummer Ryan Berrier into the mix.

"With the first album, I think people were still trying to figure out what we were all about," Bales said. "This time around we tried to make an even better album, more put together."

"The Deathening" did debut at #68 on iTunes' Metal Album Charts in 2013, so there was interest in the band's new sound. With an extra year and a half to build on that, the members of Green Death are hoping "Manufacturing Evil" has an even stronger showing.

Green Death is also very multi-media focused, with "The Deathening" spawning a half dozen music videos. The first video from "Manufacturing Evil," "Through the Eye," came out about a month ago and the band plans to keep the videos coming.

"The number of videos we made was pretty ludicrous, especially for an unsigned band in this world," Tran said. "We look at it as we want to be the thrash metal Def Leppard. In their heyday that band would have six of seven hits off one album. We should do that, but obviously we won't have the same impact they had."

In 2014, "The Deathening" got a vinyl release thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign. The album's cover, an illustration by German artist Eliran Kantor of H.P. Lovecraft's monster Cthulhu looming over Des Moines, was made for the big artwork that comes with vinyl. Kantor also illustrated "Manufacturing Evil," and another Kickstarter campaign funded a vinyl release for the album. Due to longer wait times for vinyl releases, the band is expecting to be able to have the albums in July.

In addition to hearing the songs, watching the videos and holding the vinyl, fans will soon get a taste of Green Death as well. In 2014 Zombie Burger debuted the Green Death Basket, a burger with pulled pork salsa verde, pepper jack cheese, pico de gallo, cilantro may and a Green Death "fancy sauce." It will return the week of the CD release show along with a "Manufactured Evil" shake made with devil's food cake batter, mint syrup and Oreo pieces, also available spiked with chocolate vodka.

See Green Death

May 10 at Lazerfest, Seven Flags Events Center, 2100 N.W. 100th St., Clive. $35. Go to

CD release show May 29 at Wooly's, 504 E. Locust St. $7 in advance, $10 at the door. Go to

Opening for Sebastian Bach of Skid Row June 22 at Val Air Ballroom, 301 Ashworth Road, West Des Moines. Go to