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Meet the band: The Monday Mourners

See them: An album release show at 9 p.m. Saturday at Gas Lamp, 1501 Grand Ave.

The Monday Mourners are a country band. Not a pop country band. The Monday Mourners' brand of country doesn't get a lot of radio play.

"When people hear the word country now, they assume it's bedazzled jeans, songs about trucks and slightly derogatory to women or whatever the formula is," singer/steel guitarist Clint Meyer said. "Our songs have a little more soul than the average pop country song. We have more in common with outlaw and classic country."

The band has been playing for more than six years, but this week The Monday Mourners is releasing its first full length album, "Never Going Home." The band has three singers, Meyer, Matt Handley and Aaron Tinder, and they all write songs. It gives the band a lot of variety, and lets the group build great harmonies with whoever isn't singing lead.

The band has had some high profile gigs with some of its members favorite musicians, including Chris Knight, Wayne Hancock and Jason Boland. They were also featured on the "Carpe DM" album that was sent to South by Southwest.

While the band is happy to finally have an album out, Meyer said the band is already excited about its next batch of songs. Thankfully, fans shouldn't have to wait as long to hear them.

"We definitely don't plan for the next album to be a five-year process," Meyer said. "We'll have a much quicker turnaround the next time."