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Meet the band: Extravision

Extravision opens for Maps & Atlases at 9 p.m. Friday at Vaudeville Mews, 212 Fourth St.

Last year Ryan Stier noticed many members of his band were starting to relocate to other states. Joel Gettys was bound for California, Nicholas Frampton was spending time in Nashville and Tommy Boynton was on his way to Colorado. With changes happening, Stier decided to refocus his musical attention into a new outlet: Extravision.

"I was thinking of starting a solo project that kind of had a band attached to it," Stier said. "Last fall I got a show offer from a Chicago band and decided that would be a good time to put this new project together."

Stier said with the River Monks he was focusing more on arranging for the full band while he was writing songs. With Extravision he's a little more free, focusing on the main melodies and letting the other band members work out their parts.

River Monks fans will recognize Frampton and Drew Rauch at many Extravision shows, as well as Stier's Annalibera bandmate, Phil Young. Extravision can have as many as seven members, or just be Stier playing solo. He's looking at doing more touring this fall; while Stier would like to take the full band with him, the financial realities of touring make solo road trips more feasible.

Extravision is currently in the process or recording at Young's Wabi Sound, with a planned release for later this year or early 2016.