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After 80/35, hit Gas Lamp for Station 1 showcase

Just as 80/35 is wrapping things up, Station 1 Records will just be getting started. The nonprofit record label is hosting its first showcase Saturday at Gas Lamp featuring Dylan Sires and Neighbors, The Olympics, Maids and Field Division.

All four acts will have albums released by Station 1 in the not-too-distant future. The label was founded by Tobi Parks and Brandon Clark with support from the Des Moines Social Club and Drake University.

Parks has spent a decade working for Sony Music (she still works there and is splitting her time between Des Moines and New York). She thinks her experience at a major label will translate to a nonprofit one.

"I've seen the intricacies of how major labels do it on a large scale and I think that it's scalable," Parks said. "But for us the bottom line is not shareholders, but the community of artists."

Clark said Station 1 won't own anything of the artists, so there will never be fights over who controls the master recordings or anything like that. Station 1 will have an exclusive license to the album for a time, but the acts are not bound to lengthy contracts that require a set number of recordings.

"We give the artists a lot of control, that's the way we're approaching this partnership," Clark said. "We're not a major label and we're not giving bands a $100,000 advance to do whatever they want. We're working with limited budgets, so bands will have to push themselves. That's what it takes, and we're there to help them make decisions when they ask."

Station 1 Records' first release will be a re-issuing of Field Division's debut EP, "Reverie State," followed by a Maids album September or October. The plan is to release an album approximately once a quarter, with the label not looking to expand its roster of acts too quickly.

Parks and her family are relocating to Des Moines, with Parks planning to work remotely from Des Moines for her other job.

"I've always been very community based; I serve on the board of trustees for my son's charter school and my wife is a social worker, so we're very integrated with where we live," Parks said. "Being a musician myself, I know how difficult it can be to get into the doors of a place like Sony. So many need just a bit of help, just the access. I want to share that in whatever ways I can."

Station 1 Records Showcase

When: 9 p.m. Saturday

Where: Gas Lamp, 1501 Grand Ave.

Cost: $5

Info: or