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Three Qs with Seth Peters

Seth Peters, 29, is the guitarist for Dead Horse Trauma, performing at the All-American Trauma-Que, 5 p.m. Saturday at Lefty’s, 2307 University Ave.

Q: How how life on the road been treating you guys?

Pretty good. We’ve been out for about the last year with a month off here and there. We’ve covered 46 states, so good progress. It pretty much has been working just how we want it to. We’re not household names by any means yet, but we’re earning everybody’s respect a city at a time.

Q: How did the idea for the Trauma-Que come about?

It’s something we’ve been doing for the last few years. We’re calling this one the “first All-American,” because it’s the first one that we’ve advertised and put on a show for. In past summers we would have barbecues with our wives and families, then expanded that to street team members and now everyone can come. It’s our way of showing appreciation for our friends, family and fans that helped us get where we are.

Q: What comes next for you guys?

We’ve been in the studio the last few days, working on a few songs. I believe they’ll end up on an EP in the near future. We’ll be home about a month and a half and we’ve spent that time writing a handful of songs. We’re heading back out in August for a run of shows until mid October. Once we’re back, we’ll hammer out a few more songs. We’ve also been told to get our passports, so we’ll be moving into Mexico, Canada and hopefully Europe soon.