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Daytrotter bands try Daytrotter brew

If you're a music fan and you haven't checked out the Quad Cities website Daytrotter, you've been missing out. For nearly a decade, the site has been releasing daily 3-5 song sessions of some of the biggest names in indie rock, along with rising stars.

This month Daytrotter teamed up with the Des Moines brewery Exile for a Daytrotter Pale Ale. To celebrate, Daytrotter is giving away a free year's membership to everyone in Iowa. Just email "IA" in the subject line to

"I drink a lot of beer," Daytrotter founder Sean Moeller said. "Exile came to me and their enthusiasm was off the charts. It was right around the time they they were starting to be a lot more prominent in the Quad Cities. I went and saw the brewery and I just dig what they're doing and they're all huge Daytrotter fans."

Many Iowa bands have been featured on Daytrotter. We gathered a few at Exile - along with Denver band Oko Tygra, which was passing through Des Moines on a Daytrotter tour - to get their thoughts on the beer.

Greg Wheeler Of The Wheelers

Daytrotter session: Oct., 2013

Wheeler as a beer drinker: "Right now in my fridge at home I have Deschutes Freshly Squeezed IPA and Red Hook's ESB."

Thoughts on Daytrotter Pale Ale: "It's the bee's knees."

Dustin Smith and Andy Poppen of The Maytags

Daytrotter sessions: Sept. 2013 (Sunday Silos), March 2015 (The Maytags)

Smith and Poppen as beer drinkers: "I'm a sour guy, I really like the Beatnik Sour here (at Exile)," Poppen said. "I like lighter beers like lagers, pilsners, pretty basic stuff," Smith said.

Thoughts on Daytrotter Pale Ale: Poppen: "I'm not a big fan of IPAs, but I'm much more inclined towards this than I was expecting." Smith: "For a pale ale, I could definitely sip on a couple of these. Pretty tasty."

Chris Ford of Christopher the Conquered and Gloom Balloon

Daytrotter sessions: Nov. 2010, Aug. 2012 (with Christopher the Conquered), Oct. 2013 (Gloom Balloon).

Ford as a beer drinker: "Top three favorite beers are Rogue Dead Guy, a properly poured Guinness and a Peroni. But I also drink a lot of Old Style."

Thoughts on Daytrotter Pale Ale: "It's great, I came here to try it today and I didn't even know I would be talking to you. It's very smooth and I like pale ales for their little intensity they have going on, but this is an easy drinking pale ale."

Oko Tygra

Daytrotter session: April 19, 2015

Oko Tygra as beer drinkers: The band's tastes are varied, with saisons, ciders and gins being their favorite drinks.

Thoughts on Daytrotter Pale Ale: "This is actually a great beer," drummer Neil Robertson said.


Listen to music on Daytrotter:

Try Daytrotter Pale Ale: Exile Brewery, 1514 Walnut St.

Check out video interviews with each musician from the tasting at