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Three Qs with Bryon Dudley

Bryon Dudley is the co-founder of Nova Labs Records, which hosts is second anniversary party at 5 p.m. Saturday at DG’s Tap House, 125 Main St., Ames.

Q: Two years in, how does running a record label compare to your expectations?

When we first started, we weren’t sure what the reaction would be. I never would have guessed we would still be doing it in two years. A lot of these things come and go pretty easily, but somehow we kept up enough momentum to keep us moving forward. Our first year goal was “Let’s see if we can get people aware of us” and I felt we did an OK job with that. The second year goal was “Let’s keep it sustainable” and hopefully not losing money. I’m not sure what the goal for our third year is.

Q: What are you proudest of in Nova Labs’ run?

I’m proud that we’ve gotten inquiries from people in the Iowa music scene that I consider heavy hitters. It felt like a big vote of confidence that people like Jordan Mayland and Nate Logsdon wanted to put out discs through Nova Labs. On a personal, geeky fanboy level, my band, Strong Like Bear, put out a cover of Sonic Youth’s “Dirty Boots” and Thurston Moore bought a copy. Getting that order from the web store was the most thrilling day of my life.

Q: What do you have planned for Saturday’s release show?

We reserved catalog number 50 and we’re releasing a “Nova Labs 50” three-disc set on Saturday. We’re actually releasing our 60th disc at Saturday’s show, which feels like a milestone in two years. We’ve got a comedian serving as MC, Joey Ficken, and Rico’s Tacos, a local taco truck, will be catering the party.