Harold Davis is the guitarist for Fro, performing at 9 p.m. Aug. 13 at The Yacht Club, 2617 Ingersoll Ave.

Q: You recently moved from Brooklyn to Norwalk. What brought you to central Iowa?

New York was getting way too expensive and we wanted a change of pace. My wife’s family lives here, so that prompted the move to try something else and start anew.

Q: What are your thoughts on the music scene here so far?

It’s pretty good. I’m still new, so I haven’t been everywhere. I’ve met a number of musicians already. I thought it would take six months or whatever to get going, but in under three months things were starting to happen. That was pretty amazing. Usually, being an outsider, things take a little longer.

Q: You’ve got a jazz influence in your music, is your material composed or improvised?

I usually say it’s “eclectic instrumental,” its comprised of jazz, metal, funk, Latin and more. Some songs are composed and there’s very little improvisation between us. The bass or drums might play slightly different, because they’re playing to their liking. On other songs there’s a lot of room to stretch out; you play the theme or the melody and go on to improvise. I would say it’s a good balance between those.

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