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Matisyahu coming to Hoyt Sherman Place

Reggae singer/rapper Matisyahu will return to Des Moines Oct. 28 for a show at Hoyt Sherman Place.

Matisyahu rose to fame with his 2005 hit “King Without a Crown,” combining his Hasidic Jewish beliefs with traditional reggae. For years Matisyahu sported a massive beard and long curls traditionally worn by orthodox Jewish men, though he shaved them all off in 2011.

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Matisyahu released his fifth album, “Akeda,” last year. He was also the keynote speaker at the Des Moines Music Coalition’s 2014 Music University event.

Tickets are $26.50-$52 and go on sale Friday through Ticketmaster or at the Hoyt Sherman box office, where you don’t have to pay ticketing fees.