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Slightly Stoopid winding down 'awesome' summer

Listening to Slightly Stoopid's eighth album, "Meanwhile… Back at the Lab," there comes a jarring point for casual fans of the usually easy-going California reggae rock group. Specifically, the sixth song, "F**k You."

Suddenly, the band is transported back to its mid-90's punk rock roots. It's loud, it's fast and, well, the title. It's miles away from other tracks by the band.

"We were a punk rock band growing up and we threw it in show she we haven't strayed away," singer/guitarist Miles Doughty said during a phone interview. "We write songs like this all the time, they just haven't made the Stoopid records, which are a little more jammy. But we're always writing punk songs, it's still fun for us."

Doughty said Slightly Stoopid might even release a full punk album in the future, adding "It's not for the everyday fan."

Punk wasn't the only material Slightly Stoopid revisted on "Meanwhile." The album's first single, "The Prophet," originally appeared as a hidden track on the band's 1996 debut "Slightly $toopid." Sublime singer Bradley Nowell - who signed SS to his Skunk Records label - played bass on the original track. The band used home movies shot with Nowell in the video for "The Prophet."

Doughty said the idea to revisit the song came when a new verse got stuck in his head.

"I was sitting on the couch, singing the verses and instead of the original chorus, different lines started coming out," Doughty said. "When I was a kid I sang "I'm gonna marry into wealth," but if you know us, if we have a dollar, we'll give you 50 cents. It seemed right to tell the story again.

"The song also never got the justice in the studio that it needed. Even Sublime tried a version. Marshall Goodman (drummer for Sublime) gave me the beat and it really came together. Now I'm happy with it."

Thursday's show is part of the Slightly Stoopid's "Everything is Awesome" tour, which takes its name from the hit song in "The Lego Movie." The band isn't covering the song, but Doughty said the theme fits how the tour has gone.

"For us, everything is awesome this summer," Doughty said. "We're touring with all our buds (The Expendables and Dirty Heads). It fits the whole vibe we have this summer. It's been absolutely incredible and we still have another four weeks left."

Slightly Stoopid

When: 6:30 p.m. Thursday

Where: Brenton Skating Plaza, 520 Robert D. Ray Drive

Cost: $35 in advance, $40 at the gate.