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Three Questions with Andy Fleming

Andy Fleming is the singer/guitarist for Brother Trucker, performing at 7 p.m. Wednesday at Lefty’s, 2307 University Ave.

Q: This will be the first First Wednesday show after the move from El Bait Shop. What made you decide on Lefty’s?

The decisions were kind of made for us. We were specifically looking for a place with great sound, a great stage and hopefully a dance floor. That kind of limited our options. We’re going to try it as Gas Lamp as well and listen to the feedback we get from the folks who come out to see us. We’re also moving the time up, which seems to work for the baby boomer weeknight crowd.

Q: How does a First Wednesday show differ for you guys than a regular show?

The initial idea when we started was that we were having trouble getting together for a weekly rehearsal, so this would be a good chance for us to try out some new songs and keep is loose, playing whatever came into our head. But then it got kind of popular for El Bait Shop and became the destination for people to find us. So we had to take it more seriously than we initially planned.

Q: My time with the paper is limited, but one of the things I’m looking forward to as just a music fan is the next Brother Trucker record. Any word on when it’s expected?

I wish I had something more definitive, but we’re so close to having things wrapped up. We’re recording with Kevin Neal (of Redd No. 7 Recording Studio) and he took a job with Imagine Dragons. So we’re getting updates from Singapore or Korea or wherever he’s touring with them. Whenever he gets back, we have a few minor touches left. We just started recording some more songs, so hopefully we can end this drought with a lot of material coming up.