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In college? Get a free subscription to Daytrotter

College kids need music too, right? Daytrotter thinks so, and that's why the Quad Cities-based music website is giving away year-long subscriptions to all college students.

For those not familiar: Daytrotter's a website that posts live recording sessions from artists, ranging in genres and level of popularity, daily.

Notable past Daytrotter sessions include Mumford & Sons, Vampire Weekend and The National. The site's also known for cultivating emerging talent, recently helping introduce bands like PUP, Creepoid and Landshapes into larger audiences. Iowa acts like Twins, Christopher the Conquered and Annalibera have recorded sessions in the past.

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"Here at Daytrotter headquarters, we sympathize with the plight of the student body," the college subscription page on the Daytrotter site reads. "You NEED beer. You NEED books. You NEED music. We’re going to help you with one of those three."

Students, act now. Head to for a year of free Daytrotter tunes.