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One artist used flowers to bring a message to her 80/35 set

Courtney Krause used more than just songs to send a message during her 80/35 set Friday afternoon.

The Des Moines-based songwriter handed out flowers during her 5 p.m. performance on the Kum & Go stage. Wrapped around the stem of each flower was a card with a message Krause said she hoped represented “such bigger things” happening in the world.

One side of a card read:

The world can be a dark place but rather than succumb to fear, we must come through and share our light with each other. Thank you for sharing your light and support of 80/35.

The back contained a handwritten message:

Get a sense of yourself. See a glimpse of sympathy.

Stephanie Malone received one of the flowers during the set, which opened the Kum & Go stage.

“It’s a very nice sentiment in a very difficult week,” Malone said.

After her set, Krause said she wanted to bring a real message to the stage.

“People can look at them and smile,” Krause said. “It’s about coming here and talking about (what’s) much more important in the big scale of things.”

80/35 is taking place Friday and Saturday at Western Gateway Park in Des Moines. An estimated 30,000 people are expected to attend the event, which features headliners Nas and The Decemberists.