Drake University students have been working since 2009 to get famed rapper Drake to visit campus. With the super star performing in Des Moines on Oct. 4, the visit couls finally happen.


Students planned, rallied … and waited.

And, after roughly 200 gathered at 26th Street and University Avenue for two hours, Drake University confirmed that hip-hop superstar Drake would not be visiting campus Tuesday afternoon.

“I feel like … I don’t know ... I still see him doing something, possibly at the show,” said Drake University alumna Jasmine Kelly, who launched the #BringDraketoDrake social media campaign in 2009.

Kelly said she and other alumni she’s spoken with are holding out hope that Drake will sneak away and visit campus later in the afternoon or tomorrow morning, if he hasn’t left for his next tour date, Chicago.

The anticipation of a meeting between the famed rapper and Des Moines-based university grew on Monday morning, when Drake commented on a Drake University Instagram post, saying “I'mma pull up on ya.”

Some students, like Drake University senior Amy Arrocena, went so far as to skip class in hopes of catching a glimpse of Drizzy on University Avenue.

“It’s okay … we just had a test last week and my quiz is on Thursday,” Arrocena said. “It’s just too good to miss out on.”

#BringDraketoDrake onlookers took to Twitter to mourn the news that Drake and Drake University would not be sharing one dance on Tuesday afternoon.

"The sound in Des Moines is not falling leaves but the many Drake University students' broken hearts because we couldn't #BringDraketoDrake," said Stephanie Cardwell, who works at the university's College of Business and Public Administration.

"I twisted my ankle running to see Drake and he didn't even show up. We couldn't #BringDraketoDrake," tweeted student Sydney Ford.

Others, like Drake journalism professor Sandy Henry, delivered a less sympathetic take on Drizzy ditching a stop at Drake. "Fake out," she posted, accompanied by a video of students rushing towards University Avenue.

The Instagram comment was the first the performer has publicly made since #BringDrakeToDrake hit the Internet seven years ago. In May — on the same day that Drake announced he would be performing in Des Moines — the university delivered a pun-filled press release inviting Drake to campus.

The effort went viral, being picked up by national pop culture media such as, Entertainment Weekly and MTV.

In the weeks leading up to the concert, students and Drake University officials kept the hashtag alive by posting videos, memes and calls to action for the rapper to enjoy the views Drake University campus offers.

Drake is set to bring the “Summer Sixteen” tour to Wells Fargo Arena tonight alongside fellow acclaimed rapper Future Tuesday night. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and the show is scheduled to begin at 7:30 p.m. Iowa Event Center officials said they expect a full house for the show. Follow @mattleimkuehler on Twitter for updates from the show.

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