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Deciphering the 80/35 Music Festival clues video

Today the 80/35 Music Festival released a video with clues about its 2015 lineup. Some seemed cryptic, some less so. I've decided to wade in and see what I can figure out.

The video starts with Daniel Bosman's Jam Band Guy character saying "I cut my hair." George Thorogood has a song called "Get a Haircut," though he seems like an unlikely choice for the festival. Pavement has a song called "Cut Your Hair" and that band's singer, Stephen Malkmus, has played the festival before in 2009. Pulp's "Common People" has a lyric about "cut your hair and get a job.

Or maybe that line means nothing.

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Want something close to a sure thing? At 13 seconds in we get a shot of Bosman's hand with a Weezer logo tattooed on it. Weezer doesn't have any dates that conflict with 80/35.

There's a shot of Marnie Strate's Indie Rock Chick cutting lettuce, and there is a funk/jam band with the same name. Maybe that's tenuous.

There's a shot of the couple's baby, with them saying it's really into EDM. Later in the video we see a Nintendo Power Glove. There is an Australian EDM act, Knife Party, that has a song called "Power Glove." There's also a metal band called Powerglove that covers video game songs. Or there's Jenny Lewis, who was a child actor before she was a singer. One of her movies was "The Wizard," which is where the Nintendo Power Glove made its first appearance. She's also performing in Waverly at the Gentleman of the Road Stopover, so maybe that counts against her.

What hints did you see?