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80/35: Your guide to the 2015 festival

Last year 80/35 had some problems leading up to it, largely that a second headliner was elusive. Just a month before the festival, Cake finally signed on and things came together, but it was a last-minute save.

For year eight, 80/35 organizers the Des Moines Music Coalition didn't take any chances. They upped the talent budget, changed dates from the July 4th weekend to avoid conflicts and managed to get headliners Weezer and Wilco signed in January.

This weekend it all comes together. Here's your instruction manual for 80/35 2015.

2015 80/35 Schedule


Hy-Vee Main Stage

5 p.m.: St. Lucia

7 p.m.: Jenny Lewis

9:15 p.m.: Wilco

Kum & Go Stage (free stage)

5:45 p.m.: Fly Golden Eagle

6:45 p.m.: Hot Buttered Rum

8:15 p.m.: Talib Kweli

9:30 p.m.: Jade Reed and Tobias Cross

10:30 p.m.: RackCity and Brad Goldman

Nationwide Stage (free stage)

5 p.m.: Karen Meat & the Computer

6 p.m.: Mighty Shady

7 p.m.: Asphate

8:15 p.m.: Damon Dotson

9:30 p.m. Rome Fortune

Gen Z Showcase (free stage)

4 p.m.: Lily DeTaeye

6:15 p.m.: The Wayv

8:15 p.m.: Grandchamp


Hy-Vee Main Stage

Noon: Canby

1:30 p.m.: John Wayne and The Pain

3:15 p.m.: Cloud Nothings

5 p.m.: Lettuce

7 p.m.: Run The Jewels

9:15 p.m.: Weezer

Kum & Go Stage (free stage)

Noon: Boh Doran

12:45 p.m.: Kind Country

1:45 p.m.: The Kickback

2:45 p.m.: Amasa Hines

3:45 p.m.: Jaden Carlson Band

4:45 p.m.: Natural Child

5:45 p.m.: Empires

6:45 p.m.: Head For The Hills

8:15 p.m: The Orwells

9:30 p.m.: Jesse Jamz

10:10 p.m.: DJ Raj

10:50 p.m.: Dem Boyz

Nationwide Stage (free stage)

Noon: Fuzzy Logic

1 p.m.: The Olympics

2 p.m.: prettygirlhatemachine

3 p.m.: The High Crest

4 p.m.: Parranderos Latin Combo

5 p.m.: Brazilian 2wins

6 p.m.: Christopher the Conquered

7 p.m.: Annalibera

8:15 p.m: The Maytags

11:30 p.m.: Three Day Weekend

Gen Z Showcase (free stage)

1 p.m: Punched by Proxy

2:30 p.m.: Girls Rock! Des Moines Showcase

4:15 p.m.: Break the Cycle

6:15 p.m.: 515

8:15 p.m.: Grant Ganzer

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