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10 tips for surviving 80/35 this weekend

1. A music festival is a marathon, not a sprint.

2. Avoid a weekend-ruining sunburn. Repeat after me: Sunscreen is your friend. Use it everywhere. Especially on the back of your body — neck, shoulders, arms. You will need extra coverage when watching bands hours-on-end in the sun.

3. Clothing is not optional. Yes, the summer is hot. And you may be dancing all day but dress wisely. Keep in mind that not everyone wants to see you in near-birthday-suit mode.

4. Don't only watch the bands you already know and like. Branch out and check out different sets by new bands.

5. If you're vertically statuesque, be aware of where you stand for the show. Be cognizant of the space around you so everyone can enjoy the show.

6. The crowd paid to hear the band, not you. Belting out each word, off-pitch and basically screaming every entire word of every song doesn't contribute to a positive collective group experience at the festival.

7. Have fun. Have a cocktail. Enjoy the show. But don't get so drunk that you ruin the fun for everyone else around you. No one wants to be passed out on, knocked over or have a beer spilled on them by a random, drunk festival-goer. And remember to add plenty of H20 to your beverage options.

8. Don't be "that person" at the festival. We all know what that means, so save yourself before you become it.

9. Getting arrested will make you miss your favorite bands. Refrain from having that happen.

10. Don't forget to show some kinship and respect to your fellow festival-goers. You will have a much better experience by embracing the crowd, heat, atmosphere and everything else that goes with a festival.