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Games with drinking (the pastime formerly known as drinking games)

If you're between the ages of 20 and 40, as most Juice readers are, there is a good chance that you have participated in the beloved low-brow pastime broadly known as a "drinking game."

Whether it's a friendly round of 'Quarters' or a competitive evening of 'Flip Cup,' games that punish the loser by forcing them to consume alcohol are a fun and easy form of entertainment. Most involve a little skill, a little luck and a lot of cheap booze.

While we're not in the business of booze-shaming around here, there comes a time in life when your drinking game days are best put to rest.*

*Signs that you might be too old to play drinking games:

-You have a LinkedIn account

-You have one or more children

-You take an antacid before a night out

-You prefer craft beer to Coor's Light

-You buy liquor in glass bottles rather than plastic

While it may be time to retire the Beer Pong trophy, there are other ways to have fun, a little friendly competition and consume alcohol. Try one of these alternatives…

1. Up/Down: This East Village bar has fast become a go-to for video game enthusiasts. With a vast collection of vintage arcade games and an awesome beer selection, Up/Down is a great spot to get your gaming fix.

2. Trivia Night: There are several spots in town to play trivia and most happen to be bars (check this list: to-visit-in-central-iowa/). Trivia is the thinking man's drinking game.

3. TV/Movie Night: For a low-key night at home, have some friends over to watch your favorite show and make a game out of it. If you're a fan of "The Bachelor", take a drink every time Prince Farming says the words, "incredible journey," or every time someone cries on camera. If "House of Cards" is more your speed, take a drink every time Frank Underwood speaks directly into the camera.

4. Board Game Night: Host a board game night at home, or head to The Basement at the Des Moines Social Club for their monthly board game night. Raise the stakes on a basic game of Boggle, Monopoly, or Settlers of Cattan by adding a little liquid incentive.

5. Cooney's: One of Beaverdale's best-kept secrets, Cooney's is a great spot for a game of darts and one of the few places in town you can find a classic, cork dart board.

6. Carl's Place: One of the diviest of Des Moines' dive bars, this Sherman Hill staple is a great spot for games including a pool table, dartboards, and a variety of arcade games.