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Liz Lidgett: 20 things you need to do in Des Moines in 2015

Des Moines somehow just keeps finding ways to become better and better. Gone are the days of the boring city of my youth. Having witnessed the incredible transformation of Des Moines into one of the hippest places around, I never want to take for granted how many awesome things there are to do here.

In order for 2015 to be our best year yet in Des Moines, I have created a checklist of great activities for throughout the year. Do what I will do and cut this page out of Juice and place it on your refrigerator. Any time you are need of a fun time out, check an item off the list.

Go ice skating at Brenton Plaza.

Try a new (or new to you) restaurant.

Spend a wintry night away at Hotel Pattee in Perry.

Go glow in the dark bowling at Val Lanes.

Try a Farm Boys breakfast burrito at the Downtown Farmers' Market.

Go to the Des Moines Arts Festival, and while you're there buy a piece of artwork!

Eat from a fancy food truck.

Go to the ostrich, camel and zebra races at Prairie Meadows.

See a concert on the free stage at 80/35 (or buy a ticket, too).

Explore the South Side Sculpture Park.

Go to a concert at Brenton Plaza.

Rent a paddleboat at Gray's Lake.

Go to a race on the Iowa Speedway.

Rent a pontoon boat from Saylorville Lake Marina for the day.

Eat lunch in the Better Homes and Gardens Test Garden.

Borrow a friend's dog and go to the Raccoon River dog park.

Go apple picking at a local orchard such as Willis Family Orchard.

Take a riverboat ride on the Jon Anderson Riverboat.

Try out a new brewery in central Iowa.

$1 Beer Night at Buccaneer Arena.

With all this to do and more, 2015, there's just no way you're going to be dull.