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Klickle: the new, local, must-have app

We all know battery life is a precious thing, but this is one smartphone app you may want to download, and stat.

It’s called Klickle, and it lets you know where the food trucks are in Des Moines, plus what coupons and offers are available currently. We’re talking restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, fitness centers and more.

We sat down with Klickle Co-Founder Chris Menninga to chat about the new (free) app.

“Our goal was to create a place that allows people to get offers and info from businesses and organizations that are completely relevant to them,” said Menninga. “Klickle lets users curate their own lists and follow only the places they care about. And they can do so anonymously — you never have to give us your real name, address or phone number.”

Unplugging from the information seekers and being able to pick and choose offers aren’t the only perks, though.

“From a business perspective, Klickle gives companies an affordable way to promote and really connect with customers on a one-on-one basis,” said Menninga.

It’s something start-ups and local small businesses can get on board with. A few businesses you can follow on Klickle already: Akebono, Des Moines Social Club, Let’s Toast Food Truck, Anytime Fitness and more. And it’s only gaining more every day.

The gist: “It’s free, it’s easy, it’s user-friendly and it’s Iowa-built,” says Menninga. “It’s rare in life that you get to build something where everybody wins.”

Download Klickle in the iTunes App Store or Google Play for your smartphone.