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Here’s an Iowa dose of #GlobalRunningDay motivation

Lace up the sneakers, pull up the socks … it’s #GlobalRunningDay.

Coined a day “for people around the world to celebrate the joys of running,” runners everywhere can show their passion for the run by pledging to participate at the Global Running Day website.

Before hitting the trails, take a look at these five motivational posts — about running, of course — from central Iowa fitness-related groups.

Remember, you’re not alone.

First Fleet Sports in Des Moines posted a video montage of quite a few people taking to the streets to run. See ... if all these people can get out there and do it, so can you. The fitness store celebrated its 40th anniversary and Global Running Day this morning with an open run, called #All4Run.

Scared off by rain? Meh. Count it as a shower.

PSA: you can run and shower … at the same time. The post from the IMT Des Moines Marathon goes so far as to call running in the rain exercise, therapy and a shower. The bad news: There’s no rain in the forecast for the rest of the week. The good news: this is the Midwest so that could change literally any second.

Treat yourself.

Treating yourself doesn’t have to mean shopping or heading out for drinks. Running counts, too. The Ames Area Running Club reminds its followers that with this simple message: “Run for a good cause: yourself.”

Running with friends is okay, too.

The Polk County chapter of Girls on the Run reminds its followers that runners are stronger together. Grab a friend when heading out to celebrate today’s running holiday.

And, obviously, don’t forget bRUNch.

You can’t spell brunch without run, a fact Iowa running podcast “Run Iowa” doesn’t want runners to forget on #GlobalRunningDay. The podcast took to Twitter to remind its listeners.

Looking for more places to run? 5K, 10K races scheduled in Iowa