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Liz Lidgett: I know I'm a Des Moines Girl because….

1. The first time each year it reaches above 50 degrees, I'm dressed like it's 80 degrees.

2. My perfect Saturday morning is riding my bike to the farmers' market to buy breakfast and a bouquet of flowers.

3. I know someone, who knows someone, who knows The Bachelor.

4. My Instagram feed is filled with images of the sculpture park, Gray's Lake and the East Village.

5. When I post a photo in the East Village someone comments, "I didn't know you were in New York." I have to be reminded that our E.V. isn't the E.V.

6. Whenever I travel I make sure to wear one of my Raygun shirts with pride. Des Moines, hell yes.

7. The way downtown has changed in the last fifteen years is one of my favorite conversation topics.

8. I still look for the weather beacon in the skyline, and remember all of the rhymes.

9. My last meal would be a combination of different fair foods. Cheese curds, FTW.

10. I know in my heart we have the best-looking state capitol in the country.