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Liz Lidgett: Everything you need to know about framing art

This weekend the Des Moines Arts Festival and the alternative Too Broke for the Arts Festival Fest will offer several opportunities to grow your art collection. Liz Lidgett, art advisor and CEO of, offers a few tips for framing and hanging your new artwork.


* When hanging your artwork, the center of the piece should be at average eye-line height, which is 58-60".

* If you are hanging a piece of art above a piece of furniture, have a gap of 5-10" between the furniture and artwork.

* If you are hanging two pieces, one above another, treat the pair as one large piece with the center of the two hitting your eye-line.


* Stick with low profile frames that will complement and not distract from the artwork.

* If you're creating a gallery wall, add an unexpected detail like a gilded frame in the mix.

* Custom, professional framing will help preserve and showcase your new art. If you don't have the budget for it, purchase a pre-made frame and have a custom mat created for the piece.

Des Moines Arts Festival

Downtown Des Moines

June 26-28

Too Broke for the Arts Festival

Vaudeville Mews

Saturday, June 27 2-9 pm