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Four ways to fancy up an at-home cocktail

Whether you're cooking dinner with your honey at home or hosting a happy hour for your best girls, a homemade cocktail can always use a little shaking up.

Here's how to take yours from same-old to signature with four simple tricks.

Edible Glitter

All that glitters is gold. Squeeze a quartered lemon or lime around the rim of your glass, then dip into a bowl of colored sugar or edible glitter for a margarita-inspired twist.

Look for these extra-sparkly items in the baking section of your local grocery or crafts store.

Paper Straws

DIY swizzle sticks sure are cute — if you have time to make them, of course. For a low-maintenance alternative, use paper straws. Go plain or patterned — either way your guests will adore the added flair. Find them on the cheap at Target or TJ Maxx.

Studded Ice Cubes

Add a splash of color to your drink with fruity or floral ice cubes. They're a cinch to make: fill a tray, drop in your favorite fruit or edible flowers and freeze. Muddled herbs also do the trick. I recommend rosemary for the colder months and mint or basil for spring and summer.

Homemade Infused Vodka

This bar cart staple is easier to make than you'd think — and will become your new go-to for impressing guests. Not to mention, it's an affordable way to add class to your glass. All you need: an unflavored bottle of vodka and your choice of infusers. Experiment with easy add-ins such as citrus and sprigs then move on to bolder flavors like jalapeno and ginger. Most recipes call for a standing time of three or more days.