Cardi B got into the spirit of the Adult Video News Awards, the so-called "Oscars of porn," with some lingerie photos she posted on Instagram this weekend.

The popular rapper performed Saturday at the AVN ceremony in Las Vegas and posted a couple of steamy to slightly risque photos, depending on your sensibility, of herself in blue lingerie. Both photos appear to have been taken in an elevator.

Cardi B, 26, was the first-ever female musical performer at the AVN Awards, opening the show with “Bickenhead” and “She Bad,” according to Rolling Stone

After finishing her performance, she told the crowd, “I’m so excited for these awards … more than the Grammys. I don’t know why,” Rolling Stone reports. 

Regarding the Instagram entries, one photo, which has drawn a massive 3.4 million likes and more than 28,000 comments, leads with this Cardi B thought:  "AVN awards..... I’m a little pornstar today well I’m a pornstar whenever you want me to be."

With the second photo, which has tallied 3.6 million likes and more than 54,000 comments, the rapper, who once worked as a stripper, makes a plea: "Can I be sexy one time and not get called a slut ? Sheeesh!"

Another Instagram post contains a much more suggestive video (NSFW!) of Cardi B, who has more than 40 million Instagram followers, in lingerie of two colors. The rapper, either indicating indecision or inviting a fan vote, asked: "Blue or Green? AVN awards inspire me tonight!"  

As is to be expected on social media, the many comments range from complimentary to insulting. 

Cardi B later posted a very different type of portrait, this one with her holding her daughter, Kulture, while flying on a private jet. People reports the baby, who was born in July, was wearing a Versace snowsuit priced at a fittingly sky-high $830. 

Whether that photo was taken on the flight to or from Vegas (or somewhere else), Cardi B will get used to flying to the desert gambling mecca in the coming months, as she is scheduled to begin a residency at KAOS, a new club complex set to open at the Palms Casino Resort in April.

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