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How to wear your Des Moines pride

Styled by Katelyn Herlein. Modeled by Andrew Donaldson, 21, and Christiana Anthony, 24. Photos by Zach Boyden-Holmes. Hair and makeup by Maggie Seaman and Ivy Boyd.

We don't give the Midwest enough street cred for all that it offers. If you didn't know, Des Moines has held rankings such as: #2 best city for jobs, best city for young professionals and #1 city for up-and-coming downtowns. Iowa is in the top 10 states to eat local, and has the #2 best farmers' market in America. From free art shows to contemporary coffee houses, Iowa is pretty legit and more people need to know about it. Show a bit of Iowa Pride and shop some of the trendiest, locally made fashions. After all, the Midwest is best!