Marijuana stores are reporting heavy sales in advance of the annual 420 celebration.


April 20, better known as "420," is the informal celebration of marijuana. And the Iowa State University Police Department has some advice for those who might consider participating.

"Can we keep the weed to a bare minimum today? kthxbye. #GlazeItDontBlazeIt," the law enforcement agency tweeted Thursday morning.

Anthony Greiter of ISU Police and Eric Snyder of the Ames Police Department are also using "weed traps."

And you don't want to mess with "Carlos":

But officers in Wyoming, Minn., are taking weed trapping to a whole new level:

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According to a USA Today story, the phrase "420" is "a longtime code for marijuana users, who work it into dating profiles or post it on signs to show their shared interest."

Although smoking the drug for any purpose remains illegal in Iowa, the usage of it for medical purposes passed the Iowa Senate on a 45-5 vote on Monday, but the likelihood of the bill passing the Iowa House is doubtful.


​The reason behind #GlazeItDontBlazeIt, however, stems from a respect campaign recently promoted by the ISU and Ames Police departments. The two organizations, using doughnuts, posted a video of the campaign on Monday, which went viral with more than 500,000 views, 5,500 shares and 3,600 likes.

ISU Police has been known to use humor in their social media posts.

Example A:

And Example B:

In January, Norwalk police Chief Greg Staples said police departments all across the country have been using humor in social media posts "for a long time."

"If you can add a little humor to it, people might be more willing to share it and the audience might get larger," he said.

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