Stop me if you've heard this one — Five Guys comes into Coralville with plans to open a new restaurant in early 2020. It's not a joke, but it is good news for fans of the casual dining chain.

For those unfamiliar, Five Guys is best known for its burgers, fries and milkshakes. Through much of the 2010s the Washington,D.C.-based business was the fastest-growing restaurant chain in the U.S., though that title has most recently been given to MOD Pizza. Five Guys now has boasts more than 1,500 locations across the globe with more on the way.

The new Coralville restaurant is located on 2nd Street, across from Olive Garden, at 2651 James Street in the Coral Galleria. This most recent addition to the galleria is a retail space developed by High Properties Management.

According to Jim Kessler, a building and zoning official with the City of Coralville, the galleria was originally intended to resemble the nearby Coral Ridge Mall. However, since it's conception circa-2014, that plan has evolved.

“I think that over the years the big shopping mall buildings are being phased out and not used so much anymore," Kessler said. “Most of the development we’re seeing now is being divided into smaller footprint buildings. There are a lot of mixed-use buildings going up, where it’s business on the bottom floor and residential above.”

According to Kessler, there is another multi-tenant building planned to go up to the east of Five Guys with a car wash planned to the west. There are still four building lots in the Galleria that are currently empty. Kessler was not aware of any immediate plans to fill those remaining spaces.

According to Grant Hill, a Five Guys employee set to manage the new location, the Coralville restaurant is scheduled to open sometime this March.

Though the hiring process is still underway, Hill said he hopes to have between 50 and 60 employees when the location eventually opens.

“It’s going to be smaller than Cedar Rapids for sure," Hill said of the space, "but we’ve got inside setting and nice outdoor patio seating.”

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