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Andrea Crowley: Out with the old, in with the new

With two months at Juice already under my belt, I'm starting to get settled — but not too much just yet.

With springtime always comes a little spring cleaning. You've already seen some of it with last week's website re-launch.

Along with a bold new look, the redesign offers more online-exclusive content, photos and videos. Plus, we're providing a more mobile-friendly user experience while continuing to offer you more morning must-reads with our daily newsletter. (Sign up on!)

But we're not done yet. We're looking at new ways to structure our weekly magazine, new types of stories and new topics that reflect what you are interested in.

Des Moines is about more than just great food, fun bars, cool music and style. And while I'm not ready to give all of my ideas away yet, I want to start a conversation.

Here are a few I've been pondering:

- More stories on local artists and fashionistas of all kinds

- A Juice-approved monthly calendar of events

- A sassy, new relationship column with sides from guys and girls

- More fashion spreads

- A how to column

- Ways to DIY and entertain at home

- Throw more Juice events and parties

These are my ideas. What are yours? Remember friends: this isn't just our magazine, it's yours, too.

What do you want to see in Juice? What has to stay and what must go?

Share your thoughts and ideas. Hit us up at or (515) 284-8228.

Let's get juicy, DSM!