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Your Morning Juice, Oct. 20: This is the creepiest thing you'll see all day. Guaranteed.

So, Juice asked Des Moines metal band Ghosthive to perform in the "haunted" Farrar Elementary School, and the results are as eerie as, well, a metal band performing in an abandoned, paranormal school at night. Watch the video and get the full story

Speaking of spooky. 

For music lovers, Halloween really means one thing: Horror-filled and cover-driven Halloween shows. Here's a list of 11 Halloween shows happening across Des Moines this year. Not into music? Here are 15 more Halloween parties to consider haunting this All Hallows Eve.

Don't forget the haunted houses. 

Halloween events don't have to stop at parties and concerts. Juice dropped a list this week of central Iowa haunted houses "sure to terrify" (including a haunted garage in Grimes).

Happy hour highlight: 

  • Des Moines' own Confluence Brewing Company celebrates its fourth anniversary Saturday. Festivities kick off at noon, and full details can be found on Facebook

Here's how you could spend your weekend: